One of the most popular extensions we do in West London is a side return. We believe its one of the best ways to make use of the redundant space to the side and back of your house on the ground floor, especially with most houses in London being semi detached or terrace properties. This space is not part of your garden but it is more often used for storing bins or old plant pots or kids toys and in general is a waste of space, of which in London space is precious. 

Why not make use of this space? Make it part your home. A side return can make a wonderful family kitchen, dining and living room. Plus, by digging down to the garden level and using large sliding for bi-fold doors, you can also make the garden become a more involved part of your home. Make the extension become just as much an extension of your garden, as it is an extension of the home. We did a beautiful and very large side return extension last year which we finished just before Christmas for a lovely family. It has large 3m high ceilings and 2.8m high bi-fold doors from Original Door Company in Bollo Lane, Chiswick. Pictures are on our website.

There are a number of ways you can construct a side return roof which will add fantastic light into the newly built extension, and doing it the right way really does open the room up to make it a fantastic living space drenched in light. (Obviously, subject to the relevant planning permissions or permitted development in your area.) 

One of our current projects we are working on in Chiswick is on Montgomery Road, just off Bollo Lane near the Bollo Pub, which does good pub food in case you wondered! Our client there are a young family whose aim is to create a wonderful family kitchen environment for their young children and also to incorporate the garden on the same level. This requires digging down to create a new floor level, plus building steps to be able to step down from the existing house. Demolition has finished and we are currently completing the brickwork ready for the steels to be put in place on Thursday.

Keep and eye out for the latest developments of one of our Chiswick projects.